Monday, December 5, 2011

Mobile Web Components power up web apps and sites

Nokia has created a set of components to use in mobile websites and web apps targeted at Symbian Anna phones, the Nokia N9 smartphone, and other Nokia smartphones with a WebKit browser. Included are components for collapsible content blocks, scrollable large content item windows, pop-up menus, expandable sliding menus, slideshows, and others. The components are designed to be used either as-is or extended for your own unique content and look.

Web components are built using the basic building blocks of the web: HTML for structured data, CSS for visual rendering, and JavaScript for behaviour. They are popular with web designers, as they deliver frequently used functions in ready-made, ready-to-add packages, with all structures and behaviours tested and working. Also, components can be easily customised by either using built-in options or editing the component itself.

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