Sunday, December 4, 2011

Developers from around the world square off in Hackathon

The Hackathon competition for developers is in full swing at Nokia World this week. Competitors in the contest this year come from an international array of large services firms (including Tieto and ICS); local/regional developers (IronBit, Wyztec); well-known games makers (Halfbrick); and even individuals (such as Tonny Katongole).

The competitors got to work last night and have a total of 40 hours to create an app from an idea submitted to the Nokia IdeasProject, and they can submit their app for use on up to three platforms: Windows Phone, Qt, and Series 40. Winners of this year’s Hackathon will share more than 150,000 euros in cash and prizes, and the top three apps will be presented in live demos at the Nokia World finale on 27 October.

What are the developers working on now?

With less than 20 hours to go before they must submit their final apps, all of the developers are hard at work. Here’s a sample:

Peter Lindgren, from Visiarc, whose company is better known for its enterprise software, said their team is working on a multi-player, turned-based game that tests your doodling skills, noting that this will be their first app for Windows Phone.

Simon Botes, from AppCraft, said his team is working on a preschool aid Web App – which was a winning idea he submitted to the IdeasProject – specifically for use on Series 40 phones.

And Ana-Stefania Rades, is here with a team for Namco Bandai working on a game called “Paper Soccer” for both Qt and Windows Phone that can be played in a multiplayer mode between phones.

Meet the teams competing in Hackathon:
  • Dadiaus Misiani: Based in Kenya, Dadiaus is the lead developer for MobiserveWebs, an IT development company that provides web and mobile application-development services across a number of mobile platforms.
  • Futurice: This Helsinki-based software agency offers consulting, design, development, and training to help customers develop their digital business. It builds both consumer and business-critical enterprise services for customers from a wide variety of industries.
  • Halfbrick: Founded in 2001, Australia-based Halfbrick is now expanding its portfolio with a range of independently released games for downloadable platforms.
  • HappyDigital: This Istanbul-based developer offers mobile applications and interactive services.
  • ICS: Integrated Computer Solutions, based in Bedford, Massachussets, is the largest independent supplier of professional services, training, and add-on products for Nokia’s Qt developer framework.
  • iMobileCode: Headquartered in Turkey, iMobileCode specializes in mobile application development across multiple platforms. ITs team of software engineers provide solutions for a wide range of marketing needs.
  • IronBit: This Mexico-based company specializes in web and mobile applications. 
  • KSF Technologies: Based in Kiev, Ukraine, this software-development company has been providing our services worldwide since 1992.
  • Mobifusion: From its headquarters in Silicon Valley, Mobifusion leverages its patented, cross-platform technologies to fuse traditional media with operator and device manufacturer opportunities. 
  • Namco Bandai: A leading publisher and developer of wireless games and content that provide instant fun on the go. 
  • Persistent Systems: Established in 1990, this India-based company has more than 5,000 employees and specializes in software product development services. 
  • Tieto: Based in Finland, Tieto is a leading IT service company in Northern Europe, providing IT and product-engineering services. 
  • Tikle: Turkey’s leading provider for mobile-lifestyle services. The company creates cutting-edge applications and services for mobile information and entertainment solutions.
  • Tonny Katongole: Tonny is a Uganda-based developer who has created several successful J2ME apps for the Nokia Store.
  • Viafo: Founded in 2010, this Seattle-based company’s technology lowers the cost of building and maintaining interesting and compelling mobile and connected applications. Viafo specializes in building social, cross-platform apps.
  • Visiarc: Founded in 2002, this Sweden-based mobile-cloud company develops mobile technology with a focus on security and usability, including its award-winning Mobile Documents mobile email system.
  • Wyztec: This privately held Danish start-up company develops useful and exciting location-based mobile applications.
  • WALI: This Chinese mobile-development company has created many successful and popular applications for the Chinese market across multiple mobile platforms.

The top three teams will demo their apps during the closing ceremonies of Nokia World tomorrow, at which time the winning app will also be announced. We'll bring you that story tomorrow.

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